Friday, May 7, 2010

Artist profile - Boemklatsch

I recently heard some greats things about Boemklatsch and was lucky enough to receive some promos from them. To put it simply, Boemklatsch is an electro group from the Netherlands. But that is quite an understatement. This group is the complete package, creating a mind blowing show with a variety of music from dirty electro to fidget to funk and a live visual performance. Starting as a hip hop act, Boemklatsch now consists of 3 DJs/producers (DJ $jammie the Money, DJ Illvester, and DJ Mike Mago), a crowd pumping MC (MC Attic), and the VJing duo Ramkraak (Mark Assies and Roel Oude Nijhuis). Individually they are extremely talented, but put them all together and you got an ass shaking, head bopping, visually insane dance party. Their new album, Spontaneous Combustion, was recently released in the Netherlands and I had a chance to preview it. The very impressive album should be getting picked up for release to the rest of the world very soon. Spontaneous Combustion features 2 CDs with hard hitters track after track. The album even has a heat sensitive cover (check it out for yourself: )

Here are two tracks (320 kbps!) available for download that they let me spread. The first is a heavy electro banger, while the 2nd more funky track slows things downs a bit with some tribal elements.

Dont forget to follow these guys on their Myspace ( and Twitter ( Make sure to check out all the songs on their Soundcloud page ( If you like what you hear, go pick up some songs from Beatport ( - Boemklatsch)


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