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The Eargasm's exclusive interview with Dr. Strangeloop @ his album kickoff party

Before we get started: I would like to introduce myself (Vykoda) as a new staff writer for the blog. The vivid emotions from my first eargasm (Prodigy - Fat of the Land - circa '97) have kept me utterly addicted and involved in the ever-growing EDM scene from that moment on. Seeing our scene come so far has really made me proud of what I always knew was possible. We are the movement, the future of music. I'm very excited to join the Electronic Eargasm team, and will be contributing regularly. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me.

Photo by Brian Baeza

Summer is in full effect in our Los Angeles superbia... School is out, the heat is cranked and the masses are in search for those epic parties found only during this time of year.

I'm walking up to the mid-evil looking threshold housing tonight's Low End Theory, a Los Angeles hot spot nestled in a place called the Airliner. I can't help but recall how in the past few years this weekly event has taken the world by storm with it's groundbreaking music and unique feel. "One of the best things to happen to the L.A. music scene since the Troubadour opened in 1957" --Re:Up Magazine.

As I approach the door and go for the handle, some cosmic circumstance only a reporter would receive occurs; the door flies open almost knocking me over, with none other than David Wexler (Dr. Strangeloop) himself.

After a brief exchange, he asks me to help him unload one last armful of gear from his car for tonight's show. Wexler is casually dressed. His sharp eyebrows compliment his wild fro well. It makes you wonder what type of beat scientist he is: mad or madder. I'm eager to start picking his mind, but within moments it is apparent that he has no problem revealing himself candidly, he in fact has a wit well beyond his years, with a youthful eagerness to share his visions with others. We dodge a few cars and make it to the upstairs patio.

Check out the Electronic Eargasm video of the night!

Video / Editing by Oliver Young

E.E. -- First off, thank you for taking the time to talk with us at Electronic Eargasm.

S.L. -- Ya, this is awesome. Thank you so much.

E.E. -- The kickoff event to your first album tour is moments away. How do you feel?

S.L. -- I feel really good! First of all, I love the people I'm going on tour with (Teebs, Shlohmo and Timeboy are on the tour. Tonight's guest is Lorn, with residents Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev and MC Nocando holding up the Low End. Big up's to every one of these guys. If you aren't familiar... these guys are big stuff). I feel like we share a similar sensibility even though we are not working in the same exact genre's. You know, fuck genre's! There's some sort of shared enthusiasm between all of us, and I really just respect all of the musicians on tour.

E.E. -- You come from quite a Hollywood lineage (His grandfather being two-time Academy Award winner and Hollywood heavyweight, Haskell Wexler; and father Jeff Wexler, a sound-mixer in the Hollywood scene since the 70's with a British Academy Award and numerous American Academy Award nominations). Did this influence you early on?

S.L. -- Definitely. I had lots of opportunities to be more of a part of Hollywood. I could probably be working with George Lucas, over at Lucas Films, but I Just had this feeling that I had some purpose that wasn't within the normal cinema confines. I felt really frustrated working as an editor, which I did for a couple of years. Working in film, I realized there was something bugging me about the whole thing. So basically, I kind-of abandoned it. I mean, I still make films, but I like to turn film into something more of a live thing where I can actually embody what I'm doing. I like to make films that don't have rules, because we have grown up with a whole bunch of films that are made with fucking hundreds of millions of dollars, which have a basic narrative structure. And that's whats marketable, I enjoy those films too, but there's a whole other kind of cinema that is possible now, and it's coming out. I mean, I know a lot of other artists that are also on that tip. To me it's just more interesting. Its more interesting to spend my time with free cinema, live cinema.

So the whole 2010 thing was really me trying to just go for that and show people what live cinema can be like. Where you can go to a film, even in a theater like the Downtown Independent, but instead of a person that just clicks a play button, its a live person with a live film (see: Ann Arbor Film Festival). Someone is up there kind of conducting the film. Its a VJ eccentric film so its not necessarily linear. There's a narrative but its a narrative with a pulse. It's changing over time, it's a living narrative.

E.E. -- Wild concept. You started producing at age 14. What type of gear did you start with?

S.L. -- (chuckles) Wow! You did your homework. I was working with Avid and Final Cut Pro.

E.E. -- So you were into film before audio?

S.L. -- I was actually making music at the same time as well, in Pro Tools. So I have been making electronic music since I was 14, but my emphasis used to be metal and noise music actually. I don't listen to Metal anymore because there is a lot of electronic music that has replaced that for me. But I used to love just playing math metal. Really insane guitar licks and stuff. Electronic music was really just on the side. It was something I was interested in, I just experimented with all sorts of sounds. Things like recording tin cans and then take it in the studio and cut them up. So I've been working with both audio and visual stuff for a long time.

Photo by Brian Beaza

E.E. -- What is your setup for this tour? Is it different from your usual?

S.L. -- Ya, I mean, its relatively new in that its the whole audio-visual thing together. I got pretty well known as a VJ (no kidding, check Strangeloop at COACHELLA '09) over the past couple of years and I felt like I did almost everything I'd want to as a VJ. Which is kind of cool to say. There is still tons of territory, but I really felt like I hit a good stride with it and there was a point where I was like "OK, what can I do that can incorporate all these other aspects of my life and bring it into the live experience?". And I realized, "you know, I make music too, and I make the visuals, so how can I make some sort of live experience that has all these aspects of my life together?". This tour is a good step toward putting these two aspects together.

E.E. -- You've been prodded by Flying Lotus and teamed up with his Cosmogramma album artist Leigh J. Mc Closkey to put 2010 out. What were some of the most major undertakings you had during the project? It seems like Lotus was your catalyst. Like you were always making music, but you didn't want to go forward and actually do this?

S.L. -- Honestly, ya. I had been keeping all of these songs to myself; and really a lot of my art to myself. I was just hoarding all of this stuff and you can see it in my artwork, where my drawings became these big meshes of information. It was all this stuff confined to a single frame. So Lotus, back in our days at San Francisco's Academy of Art, even before he took on the alias, used to play my music all the time while we played video games and smoked. He really dug it. He'd say things to me at the time like "we are definitely going to release this somehow". At the time it really didn't make any sense though. It was like OK: so we will release it, but how are we going to do that? And then it was a year and a half later when Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus' own label) was put together, and it really made sense. It seemed like the perfect venue for really weird music.

E.E. -- That was in '08?

S.L. -- Ya. Right around there. I always had these hesitancies because I felt like it had no cultural context. I was doing it for myself. It was almost like therapy to work through all of these ideas. And suddenly, with Brainfeeder, Low End Theory, Alphapup and all of this great stuff coming together in L.A., it all made sense. So thats how it all happened. I'm eternally grateful to Flying Lotus for supporting me on all those levels; and helping get my music, and my vision out there.

E.E. -- You and Steve (Flying Lotus) were just featured in a cover page article in the L.A. Weekly last month "Flying Lotus Rising".

S.L. -- Oh ya! Dopest article!

E.E. -- It seems you two are on a rocket to international stardom.

S.L. -- (chuckles)

E.E. -- How do you feel about that?

S.L. -- I feel humbled. I'm just excited that there are people interested. It's not just me or Steve though, there's just such a cataclysmic convergence of sound and art in L.A. right now. It's obvious now that the whole world is paying attention to it. (BBC Radio 1 host Mary Anne Hobbs on Strangeloop's 2010) I always said to myself that if I had a bigger platform to show my art, that I really wanted to put the most meaning into it that I could. Bring my best self, my best ideas to the table. So Im just trying to do that day-to-day.

Photo by Brian Beaza

E.E. -- The L.A. Electronic scene has really exploded into mainstream in a few short years. Do you think this is a good thing overall? Where do you see the direction going with all of this?

S.L. -- I remember Pure Filth when it was kicking into gear in L.A. a year and a half or two years ago. It was at some of the dingiest locations in town, like a block from skid row, at these dismal, awful venues. But I loved it, and I know everyone else loved that feel of being a part of something new emerging in L.A., which was that whole LA brand of dubstep. Then a year later, there were all these people copying Purefilth, but leaning towards these big pop-step / bro-step shows. I saw it go from that to a year later being these big popstep shows. Where the sound had been really picked apart. The producers had heard the (dubstep) sound and said "OK, its got this bass, its got this... so we'll just do that same thing and repeat that over and over". We saw the underground become mainstream.

E.E. -- It's a little tough seeing the newborn baby go out and...

S.L. -- Oh ya. That same fucking thing happened in the UK way before here, but we saw that scene explode in L.A. as well. I still love a lot of really grimy dubstep, but there's a part of me that was just like, "Whats next, how can we go deeper than that?", because all new things get codified in the mainstream lexicon.

E.E. -- They find the formula and..

S.L. -- (finishing my sentence) ...they keep doing it. It's a fucking virus really. A cultural virus... what the mainstream does. It is very interesting -not really bad or good- but there is a viral aspect to these things. When something cool happens, its like it gets turned into the most dumbed-down version and sent across the globe. But what I see that is great about the L.A. scene and many global music scenes emerging, is there's a resilience with post-genre music. Where it's not about genre. It's about authentic expression of the artist. When you listen to "Cosmogramma" its like, what the fuck genre is that? You could say it's ten different genre's but to me its a post-genre album and it's just authentically Steve's voice. You could copy little traits of it, but..

E.E. -- It's his fingerprint.

S.L. -- Exactly. That's what my favorite musicians are always searching for.

E.E. -- 5 favorite tracks or albums right now?

S.L. -- 1. Hot Boxing the Cockpit - Shlohmo
I love this track. It really showcases him as a producer. Phenomenal.

2. Systems/Layers - The Rachels
I don't think this album is new, but I just found it and love it.

3. Cosmogramma - Flying Lotus
I definitely have this on repeat all the time.

4. Tomorrow - Lorn
I was so stoked to be able to do the video for this. Its one of those productions where I try to learn from it when I listen.

5. Solaris Soundtrack - Cliff Martinez
I've listened to this every night for the past 2 years. To me, its one of the most brilliant pieces of music ever perfected.

E.E. --When was your first Electronic Eargasm?

S.L. -- Come to Daddy - Aphex Twin when I was 14. That made me want to make electronic music. It was just so beyond anything at the time. I remember watching TV and that came on and all i could say was "oh my god". That was my first Eargasm I think (chuckles). But I've had many after...

**Buy his album 2010 HERE before copies run out!**

Check out more epic Photo's of the night by Brian Baeza
Big props to Oliver Young for his Videography and Editing of the night

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Strangeloop - Strange Utopia 2010 Tour


All of you West coasters are in for a big threat these next two weeks. Los Angeles Audio / Visual artist Strangeloop (Brainfeeder) is headlining a west coast tour with supporting artists Teeebs (Brainfeeder), Shlohmo (Friends of Friends), and Timeboy (ICS). The tour, which will feature a special guest each night, will be stopping in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Oakland and Arcata. Special guests include Ras G, Splatinum, Eskmo, Nico Luminous , and Take.

Strangeloop is a brilliant producer of both music and ridiculously trippy visuals. On May 3rd, he released his sophomore album, "2010: (or) How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Technological Singularity". Strangeloop, who is a part of Flying Lotus's label Brainfeeder has done several collaborations with Lotus and even created and VJed all of the visuals for Fly Lo's set at Coachella 2010.

Make sure you guys make it out to one of the shows. Electronic Eargasm will be at the show at Low End Theory and bringing you guys a review filled with photos, videos, and interviews from the show.

6/16/2010 - Los Angeles, CA @ Low End Theory (Strangeloop DVD release)

6/17/2010 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Secret location TBA

6/19/2010 - Oakland, CA @ Oasis (special guest - Fluorescent Grey)

6/20/2010 - Arcata, CA @ Jambalaya (special guest - TAKE)

6/21/2010 - Portland, OR @ Berbati's Pan (special guest Nico Luminous CD release)

6/23/2010 - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey (special guest Splatinum)

6/25/2010 - San Francisco, CA @ Milk (special guest Eskmo)

6/26/2010 - San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar (special guest Ras G)

Here are some things you can expect to see/hear at the shows...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Its that time of the year when schools get out and the summer ragers begin. Time to spend your days at the beach and your nights in the club dancing your ass off. Here are some booty shaking tracks to get you over the hump this week. Turn the speakers up as loud as they get and blast these funky boogie beats to get those bums popping. Alex Mind's remix delivers some tech synths on dirty electro house bass, while the Spaniard, Dr. Kucho! prescribes a much funkier disco house track.

Pick up the full releases at Beatport from the links below

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fresh Beats From Los Angeles

With the Lakers winning game 3, I'll be representing my hometown with a post about Proximal Records based in Los Angeles. Proximal was launched by L.A. natives Carl Madison Burgin, better known as Sahy Uhns, and composer/ producer Jeff Elmassian, and provides a home for local artists to connect and collaborate. Their promotional mixtape , Beat Stew Vol. 2, has atracklist featuring the Proximal artists and their closest friends. The beats are some of the freshest downtempo/electronic/hip-hop I've heard in a long time. Anyone who liked Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz compilations will love this mixtape. The chill beats are a perfect way to sit back and relax on a hot summers day.

The mixtape is promo for Proximal's upcoming release, a Los Angeles compilation record called Proximity One: Narrative Of A City. Proximity One is coming out this summer and features LA artists such as Daedelus, Dâm-Funk, TOKiMONSTA, Take and Teebs and the Proximal crew (Sahy Uhns, Benedek, Lawrence Grey, BearClaw and Wake)

Download the full mixtape here

1. Say Uhns- "A-Team"
2. Evany- "Marvin in Marvin Out"
3. Benedek- "Cyber Sax"
4. Bear Claw and Sahy Uhns- "Beat w/ Jane"

5. LarryFive- "Blue Goldfish
6. Sahy Uhns- "O.E. for Two"

7. Benedek & Presstones- "Dankster Turtloid"
8. Lawrence Grey & killqvc- "tommytime"
9. Wake- "Babe What"
10. Juj- "Sunday Bouncer"

11. Friendly Stranger- "Nefertitties"
12. Wake- "You"
13. D-Funk- "Get High"
14. Bucc Rogerz- "lyricist4life"
15. Juj & O.- "SELF deTERMINATION"


Monday, June 7, 2010

Monkeying Around

Huge release for the guys over at Crux Records. This latest release comes from Shaved Monkeys. "Get Rough" is the first big release from the three member group from Belgium, and it is hitting the scene with a bang. Im excited to hear more from these guys. This is only the beginning for the group, and if they keep dropping bombs like Get Rough, they will be a big name in the months to come. Joining them on the release are remixes from Aerotronic, Soda 'n' Suds, Distrakt, and Underhall.

Dirty, and brings back some 90's big anthem synths.

A bit more electro-punkness and granular sounds than the original.

Pick up the original and all the other remix's from Beatport here


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Dubday Sunday

Gotta represent my boys in purple and gold for this installment of Dubday Sunday's. I can feel another championship coming. This trio of tracks have been pumping me up all day long. The dubstep coming out of the UK and Ireland is quite impressive. Maybe I should send them over to Ron Artest.

P.S. New media players... right click the link and save link as.

Dodge & Fuski - Pornstep feat The Highbury Whores *192

Girls moaning with Reggae, perfect combo (Beatport)

Itchy Robots - Screaming Fukkface

Filthy bass with attitude. (Beatport)

Flux Pavilion - Normalize

Breakdown is really nice and mellow (Beatport)


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bart Bringing Back The 90s

The decade when pop dance ruled the earth. La Bouche, Amber, C&C Music Factory, Ace of Base... the list goes on and on. Bart B More brings back this 90's jam, giving it some of his funky electro flavor. Its a booty shaking jam that anyone, EDM fan or not, will like to move to.

- Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It (Bart B More Remix)


Bart B More - Brap! by Bart B More

I have a feeling this track, which has yet to be released, will be one of the biggest head bopping out of control tracks of the summer. I can already picture the moshing madness that would result from this song. Boys Noize was so impressed after the crowd reaction after droping this bomb (click here if you haven't see the video yet) he asked Bart B More if he could release it on Boys Noize Records


Electro Goodness

TECHNO VIKING... now that would be a sweet interview to get. In other news, I finally made it onto Hype Machine, you can follow me there by clicking on the link at the top of the column to the left. And now for some music. Got two songs for you guys today.

Paul Chambers - Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Remix) (Removed by request)
The guys in white suits put together this banging remix of Paul Chamber's "Yeah, Techno!" MUCH better than the original in my opinion. The 8-bit sample of the bomb dropping fits perfectly with the breaks. These guys kick ass under their DJ moniker, 2 Many DJs, but their live shows as Soulwax are a spectacle that one needs to experience at some point. Pick up the full release here

Mightyfools have been around for a couple years now. Listen to this one and you'll know why they are getting all this hype. Has a little electro-punkness to it. A+ (Buy at Beatport )


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Dubday - Cheshire

Sorry to get the dubstep out to you guys a day late, but it was a busy weekend. Got some new stuff for you guys.

Cheshire, without his usual buddy Jackal, really works the filthy, tweaked out, warped dubstep. His tracks grumble like a giant. The Ludacris inspired track is killer and the Punk is very deep. Grab the full release here

Cheshire - Stand Up

Cheshire - Punk


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Album review - Pendulum's "Immersion"

The drum and bass world has been anxiously waiting for the arrival of Pendulum's third studio album. The wait finally came to an end this last week with the release of "Immersion". It's 15 tracks showcase Pendulum's unique style as well as some of their newer sounds as they try to grow into new genres.

Immersion starts off with the intro track, Genesis. The drums feel like a grand army approaching, getting ready to blast you away, layered with some interesting 8-bit synths. And then the bass attacking starts. With Salt In The Wound, you get Pendulum's heavier d n b, while the next track, Watercolour, exemplify their softer, melodic beats.
Following those tracks is Pendulum's take on dubstep. Set Me On Fire is exactly what you would imagine Pendulum's dubstep would sound like. Don't expect something really dark and heavy, but something more melodic. I think its a great sound for them and would love to hear more.

Crush, Under The Waves, and Immunize hold strong to Pendulum's d n b style, and all rock. Crush and Immunize hit hard, while Under The Waves is a bit more uplifting (Liam Howlett of Prodigy make an appearance on Immunize)

Pendulum is branching out to new genres, and show this with their House/Electro track The Island. Actually, its one long track split into two parts, Dawn and Dusk. Neither of the songs sound like anything I have heard from the group, but somehow they show how incredibly eclectic they can be. Dawn is funky, prog house and Dusk is heavy electro.

The album then goes back into some more d n b tracks, Comprachicos, The Vulture, and Witchcraft, featuring wobbles and some metal elemants. Then comes Self vs. Self featuring In Flames. Its a pure heavy metal track, and while its not my cup of tea, I'm certain metal lovers will like it

In my opinion, Immersion ends way too soft. The Fountain, is alright, but Encoder is too slow to finish things up, and what the fuck is that sloshing water sound at the end of the track. Its almost like a cheesy Ryan Cabrera track.

Overall, I would give Immersion an A-. Had they chosen to end it with some more bangers, it would have got a higher grade. But one thing still holds true about Pendulum. The six man group work like a well oiled machine, producing excellent beats with Rob Swire's amazing vocals. Make sure to pick up the album from Pendulum's website, here (for those of us in the US, the only way to get the album is through their website. It still hasn't been released here, so you wont be able to get it from Beatport or iTunes.) Hope you enjoyed the full album review and as a treat, here a couple tracks for you to preview.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Pance is ready to Party again

On June 9th, Electronic Eargasm's friends, Pance Party, will be releasing their second EP through Miles Dyson's Plasmapool Records. "Let's Get Invisible!" is a 4 track follow up to their smashing Kim Jong Thrill EP that skyrocketed to the top of the beatport charts . This is just a little taste of whats to come.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dubday Sunday - Excision

It's a very late Dubday Sunday, but nonetheless, here are some tracks from one of my favorites. If you haven't heard of Excision by now, you haven't been listening to good dubstep. Excision's tracks are some of the darkest, nastiest productions around with bass so heavy it has its own gravitational pull. Anything with his name on it is a guaranteed banger.

Warning!: This music is not for the faint of heart.

Excision - Subsonic

Excision & Noiz - Force

Apex - Nowhere to Run(Excision & Datsik Remix)

P.S. Datsik has a lot in store for us this coming summer, including the much anticipated release of Firepower. Here is an HQ preview on Youtube, its been out for a couple months, but the track wont be officially released until summer time.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

Who doesnt love monkeys? But how about 'Apes From Space'? Now that would be fucking awesome. Thanks to Aaren San, you'll be yelling, swinging your arms in the air, and possibly pounding your chest while listening to his latest release. With the additions of two remixes from Dirtyloud and Phatso Brown, we have 3 different, yet equally banging tracks.

Aaren San - Apes From Space
Hits you with some tribal beats

Aaren San - Apes From Space(Dirtyloud Remix)
Heavy Electro-House

Aaren San - Apes From Space(Phatso Brown Remix)
A little on the Indie Dance side with a dirty bass


Friday, May 21, 2010

Artist Profile - Autoerotique

Autoerotique is one of Dim Mak Record's newest finds. Its a good thing they picked them up, cause these two will be huge in the years to come. The duo of Keith Robertson & David “Dave” Henderson have been working together for many years since meeting in their hometown of Toronto. After a hiatus which involved them working on separate side projects, the two got back together in 2009 and signed with Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records. That year, their first release with Dim Mak, Gladiator, rocked the dance community. They followed that up with a slew of remixes ranging from Electro to House to Dutch and everything in between. Autoerotique's latest release is sure to be a big summer tune. It blends together a deep house synth and electro-punk with a couple small breakbeat sections.

Autoerotique - Bubonic


Autoerotique - Bubonic(Mustard Pimp remix)
Mustard Pimp gives Bubonic a breakbeat makeover.

Autoerotique - Gladiator


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dubday Sunday

Here are some of the newest dubstep tracks out right now + a mix exclusively made for the guys over at Ego Thieves. Get ready for some grimy wobbles, filthy low bass lines, and the dirtiest warped out synths.

Sidney Samson feat Lady Bee - Shut Up & Let it Go(Bar 9 Remix)

Some fresh stuff from Bar 9 Great intro track for any of you dubstep DJs out there. Starts smooth, then... BOOM WUH WAHHH WAAH WAH WAH BOOM!

Juggernaut - The Vincent Price is Right

"I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!" This groups moniker suites them well, as their productions are monstrous, will plow you down, pound you into the ground, and rattle your brain with no remorse.


HUGE MIX from Tomba, made exclusively for Ego Thieves. Tomba showcases his style with a track list featuring many of his own productions. Check out the post here to get the download and make sure to look at the rest of the site. They have some awesome stuff there.

Tomba - Disturbed Mixtapebyegothieves

01. Tomba – Symphony 666
02. Datsik – Galvanize
03. Borgore – Birthday and the Black November
04. Tomba – Smoking Killz
05. Tomba – Jaws
06. Tomba – Evol
07. Point.Blank – Single Drop
08. Tomba – Hebrew Hammer
09. Tomba – Disturbed
10. Da VIP – Ignition ( Bare Noize Remix )
11. Tomba – Before I wake
12. Tomba ft Shay – Globlin
13. Borgore and Tomba – Kinder Surprise VIP
14. Downlink – Ghost ( Bukez Finezt Remix )
15. Tomba ft OTG and Sharon – Come out and Play
16. Widelows – Worms ( Blobby VIP )
17. Borgore – Nympho
18. Devnik – Five Point ( Tomba Remix )


Friday, May 14, 2010

Artist profile - Harvard Bass

San Diego producer Victor Hugo Ramos, aka Harvard Bass has had a great year. His productions arent like the huge cookie cutter bangers that everyone is trying to imitate these day. Instead, they electrify you in such a sophisticated way that you know the music definitely got its education from an Ivy League school. Bringing everything from minimal to techno to electro, Harvard Bass is a great representative for the growing Southern California music scene. Although he just started producing tracks a couple years ago, the So Cal native is quickly rising to the top of today's big newcomers. Unlike your typical minimal music, Harvard Bass's eclectic style hits harder and adds in some electro and groovy house. Its loud and it will make you dance. Harvard Bass is creatively bringing back the old minimal sound and making it his own.

The Ashton Shuffle - I Wanna See You(Harvard Bass remix)

If you liked the experimental sound of Tiga's Mind Dimension, you will like this one. Has a LOT more structure to it than Mind Dimension, but captures that same unique gritty sound.

Zombie Nation - Seas of Grease(Harvard Bass remix)

The Crookers have been in love with this production lately. It's a perfect example of how Harvard Bass spices up a song with his heavy minimal style. A+ drum work in this.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Am I really posting about Tiesto?!

The sound of world-renowned Dutch trance guru Tiesto has been changing recently. This is evident in his recent collaborations. I'd never expect to see him to team up with some of these guys, but somehow they work well. These two new tracks showcase Tiesto's fresh new style. When was the last time Tiesto had a track at 128 bpm? It seems as though Tiesto is reinventing himself, straying away from his trance anthem roots. Love him or not, I'd like to hear more of this new Tiesto.

Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, Avicii - Generations

Tiesto hit the studio with Swedish House Mafia member, Sebastian Ingrosso, and fellow up and coming Swedish DJ, Avicii. It has that SHM flavor to it with a deep bass.

Tiesto and Diplo - C'mon

Diplo has played a significant role in the growing popularity of Baile funk here in the States. This is one collaboration that I would have never imagined. But once again, it works. C'mon has a heavier bass, bangs hard, and includes some of Tiesto's prog synths.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can I Have Your Antention Please!

Can't find too much information on DJ Antention, except that he is from Russia. Not too many well known acts coming out of Russia these days. This guy is going to put Russia on the map.

DJ Antention - Jump!

Jump! is dark and has a pulsating bass with a nasty kick drum thats likely to blow up your speakers.

DJ Antention - Jump! (Oddword Remix)

A+ Remix, adds in some nice woop woops in there.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Artist profile - Boemklatsch

I recently heard some greats things about Boemklatsch and was lucky enough to receive some promos from them. To put it simply, Boemklatsch is an electro group from the Netherlands. But that is quite an understatement. This group is the complete package, creating a mind blowing show with a variety of music from dirty electro to fidget to funk and a live visual performance. Starting as a hip hop act, Boemklatsch now consists of 3 DJs/producers (DJ $jammie the Money, DJ Illvester, and DJ Mike Mago), a crowd pumping MC (MC Attic), and the VJing duo Ramkraak (Mark Assies and Roel Oude Nijhuis). Individually they are extremely talented, but put them all together and you got an ass shaking, head bopping, visually insane dance party. Their new album, Spontaneous Combustion, was recently released in the Netherlands and I had a chance to preview it. The very impressive album should be getting picked up for release to the rest of the world very soon. Spontaneous Combustion features 2 CDs with hard hitters track after track. The album even has a heat sensitive cover (check it out for yourself: )

Here are two tracks (320 kbps!) available for download that they let me spread. The first is a heavy electro banger, while the 2nd more funky track slows things downs a bit with some tribal elements.

Dont forget to follow these guys on their Myspace ( and Twitter ( Make sure to check out all the songs on their Soundcloud page ( If you like what you hear, go pick up some songs from Beatport ( - Boemklatsch)


Dubstepping It...Metallica style!!

Dubstep master Bassnectar has been melting faces with the outrageous bass from his recent productions. His new bootleg takes Metallica's electric guitar samples from Seek & Destroy and layers it on top of some earth shaking bass. And including in this post is a first for Electronic Eargasm, a download link to the song (credit to Bassnectar himself). Enjoy.

1. Metallica - Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remix)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Huge New Songs From Electronic Eargasm's Favorites

After a huge face lift and the unveiling of the double-E Electronic Eargasm logo, the blog is ready to blow up.

This post features producers that have already made it on the blog before but are so good, that these new releases from them had to get posted

THE creme de la creme of this post. Here is Deadmau5's newest release, Some Chords. I absolutely love this song. This one was featured in one of my videos I posted about the Deadmau5 show I went to a couple weeks ago. Some Chords was released just 3 days ago, and it went straight to the #1 position on A++++++++++++

Here is yet another enormous release. Right behind Some Chords in the chart is the huge hit from the Swedish House Mafia. After being debuted at WMC, "One" has received rave reviews and I personally can't wait to hear it blast from the speakers at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Newest track from the duo known as Dada Life. I'm not the biggest fan of the vocals, but Dada Life makes it up with a massively heavy tune with crazy synths.

Mr. Felguk is back once again with the funky electro. Vocals on this one is much better.

Not looking so lazy with this one.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spencer & Hill vs. She's All That - Jump (various mixes)

Here are a bunch of new tracks thanks to Spencer & Hill. The German duo team up with She's All That to release Jump. Best part of the release is that it is jam packed with 4 solid mixes. The vocal sample is used in all the mixes, with each mix having a unique flavor, ranging in style from electro to indie dance, and some fidget.

The original club mix bring in some wobbles with Spencer & Hill's electro style.

Oliver Twitz adds in some fidget flavor with a sick deep synth.

Alex Kidd delivers a Indie Dance rendition of the song.

Exactly what you would expect from Electrixx.... heavy electro.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Night With The Mau5

You would think that after seeing Deadmau5 3 times in the last two years, twice in LA and once in New York, I'd seen it all. This last Friday, I was given another opportunity to see the Mau5 here in New Orleans. But this wasn't as easy of a decision to go as it has been in the past. Did I want to spend the money to go see a set that might possibly be just like the set I saw a couple months ago? There was no way the new Mau5 head was going to make its way to New Orleans, the scene here isn't worth it. Plus, early Friday morning, it was pouring rain in New Orleans and one of his facebook updates read "fuck being sick!." Great! Having not heard any new releases from him since For Lack of A Better Name and shitting my pants since I hadnt started studying for my finals that were this week, I was leaning towards not going.

But that didnt happen. Some little voice inside me said "How can you not go?" Curious to see what the EDM scene is really like down here in New Orleans and praying for him to play some of his new tracks from his upcoming album, I decided to go. Also, Insomniac was helping run the event, you know, the guys that put on the biggest and best events in Los Angeles. I had to go give them my support.

Here is how the night unfolded:

THE VENUE: The event started at 9:00 PM (thats what the ticket said) but we didnt get there till 11ish so I cant confirm. Upon arrival to the venue, the Contemporary Arts Center, I broke down laughing. It was your stereotypical hidden warehouse in the middle of the downtown business district. This was nothing like the events these days back in Los Angeles, but there is a first time for everything. It took us a while to get in (30-45 mins) but sure enough we got in before Deadmau5 was getting on. Once stepping into the venue, I was immediately hit by the stank and heat radiating from the center of the crowd packed in front of the stage. No ventilation + ~1000 people + building being made entirely out of bricks = WORST SAUNA I'VE EVER BEEN IN. It got so sticky and steamy in there that my camera lens kept getting stuck while trying to open. Thats not fog in the video's people, its pure nasty stank.

THE MUSIC: Luckily, the venue was the only crappy part of the night. I couldn't tell you who was spinning before Deadmau5 came on, but he was throwing down some nice house/ Dutch electro.

Deadmau5 came on finally at 1:00 am, with his blue Mau5 head (at least I was right about him not having the new LED Mau5 head with him). Right away he started hitting us with some heavy minimal beats I haven't heard him throw down before. After three banging songs into his set, the Zelda theme started to fill the room. I thought I knew exactly what song was coming next, but when the beat dropped, I was caught off gaurd. I quickly realized it was Deadmau5's new version of You Need A Ladder featuring vocals from Sofia Toufa (apparently the song is called Sofia Needs A Ladder).

Next came Moar Ghost n Stuff, and Deadmau5 decided to throw the Rob Swire vocals on top of that version.

The highlight of the night came after a couple songs. Deadmau5 laid down a rough smacking on the entire crowd by throwing down his version of Killing in the Name Of by Rage Against the Machine. His version tweaks up the bass riffs in the originals and adds some heavy electro synths to it without straying too far from the original. His song mixed right into the end of the original and had everyone going wild

Then came something I didn't expect at all from the Mau5. Blowing out of the speakers after Rage was some filth dubstep. The venue may have sucked, but the bass from the dubstep he was playing was blowing out eardrums.

Another highlight of his set was his new song supposedly called "Some Chords." This song was absolutely ridiculous. I assume it is one of the new tracks on his upcoming album (I HOPE). In my opinion, this is his best single since Ghost n Stuff. Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner were recently in the studio together earlier this month, and I have a feeling this may be one of their tracks they worked on together. Regardless of if the Mau5 did this song by himself or not, its sure to be HUGE once released.

With about 20 minutes left in his ~ 2 hour set, Deadmau5 slowed things down a bit and moved into his famous progressive stuff (i.e. Strobe, Not Exactly, Arguru[the piano version]). Not being able to handle the heat anymore, my group and I decided to bounce with about 10 minutes left into his set.

Now that I have seen Deadmau5 4 times in the past 2 years, in 3 different cities, what did I learn? Just when you think you know exactly what to expect from Deadmau5, he proves you wrong. While it was hotter than Hades in there, the set is the best I have heard from him. I give him the utmost respect for powering through his sickness and delivering a massive set. All in all, Insomniac and Ampersand threw an incredible party.

2 more months from now I will be back in sunny Southern California, where it will be time to see Deadmau5 for a 5th time at Electric Daisy Carnival. Now THAT will be one HUGE spectacle. There is no doubt in my mind that he will have the same stage set up as he did at Coachella, including that crazy new LED Mau5 head!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Classic Tune of the Week

In my opinion, Tiesto was really on top of the electronic music world back in 2004. That year he released his album Just Be (which may be one of the best trance/progressive house albums ever), performed at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, and followed that up with the Parade of Athletes album, a mix of songs he played during his Olympic set. Even though Im not a fan of trance music now, his set he performed at the Avalon in Los Angeles in 2004 is still in the top 3 sets I have ever seen. Although Tiesto still sticks mostly to his progressive roots, his sounds are still evolving and keeping up with todays electro scene(his new song with Diplo,"Come On", is ridiculous). I know I've talked some shit about him before, but once again, I have to give him tons of respect.

Here is one of his most well known tracks which never seems to get old.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Artist profile - Afrojack

The Dutch electro house scene would not be where it is right now without Holland's Afrojack. He really is putting the bwoopy house genre on the map. In my opinion, there is no one more influential to the Dutch house genre as Afrojack. He is literally molding the genre to his liking. His tracks are getting play from the worlds biggest house DJ's, including full support from the Swedish House Mafia. Afrojack's productions have all the best bwoops and bweeps around with some hard hitting house beats. They are catchy and will make you want to bust a move on the dance floor (regardless of your dancing skills). What is even more impressive about Afrojack is his ability to recreate world renowned house tracks and make them his own.

Afrojack's Dutch house rendition of the recent Boris Dlugosch hit Bangkok

Afrojack's acid filled version of Steve Angello's track, Teasing Mr. Charlie. Guess Steve liked Afrojack's rendition so much, he released the song on his Size Records label.

We will all be waiting for more from Afrojack to see where he will lead the fast growing Dutch house scene.


Ghetto Bass 2 - The Sound of Hervé

Just last week, Hervé dropped his newest double CD mix that is a compilation of songs from some of today's biggest producers, like Fake Blood, Chase and Status, and Jack Beats, as well as five brand new releases from Hervé himself. The track selection has an amazing flow to it, and it will take you on a intense bass heavy journey through a variety of genres, from house to dubstep.

The first CD of Ghetto Bass 2 has tracks that showcase Hervé's hard hitting, funky house, ghetto bass style. With new tracks from Hervé, sick remixes from Reset! and favorites from Jack Beats and Fake Blood, the first CD is my favorite out of the two.

Here are 3 tracks from the 1st CD.


Keeping with the bass heavy theme, CD 2 features one of today's fastest growing genre's, dubstep. CD 2 allows Hervé to show another side of himself that most people aren't used to. Hervé brings the dubstep, and he brings it hard with some of his own productions. And he finishes up with some energetic drum and bass.

Hervé Ghetto Bass 2 compilation is a bass lovers dream and is highly recommended.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Classic Tune of the Week

If you haven't noticed already, trance doesnt ever really find its way onto Electronic Eargasm. However, trance is the true root for my love of electronic music. And thats why the majority of my classic tunes will always be some sort of trance. I may not be a big fan of the trance music out nowadays, but the classic trance anthems will always hold a special place in my heart. In my opinion, this weeks classic tune sits at the very top of Paul van Dyk's long list of world-renowned productions. Nothing But You has one of the most memorizing and soothing vocals samples EVER! Its practically impossible for this track not to lift your spirits.


Artist profile - DIGITAL FREQ

After making 2 appearances on Electronic Eargasm, Digital Freq is back once again with his own artist profile. Digital Freq is one of Mexico's best producers right now. His tracks contain progressive sounds, filthy electro funk, gut-wrenching bass and some awesome futuristic vocals. With 9 years of experience under his belt, Digital Freq is consistently producing chart topping hits that are being released on some of the biggest labels, including Miles Dyson's Plasma Pool label. I'm sure there will be much more in the near future from this impressive producer.

3. Digital Freq - Crash (Original Mix)