Friday, May 14, 2010

Artist profile - Harvard Bass

San Diego producer Victor Hugo Ramos, aka Harvard Bass has had a great year. His productions arent like the huge cookie cutter bangers that everyone is trying to imitate these day. Instead, they electrify you in such a sophisticated way that you know the music definitely got its education from an Ivy League school. Bringing everything from minimal to techno to electro, Harvard Bass is a great representative for the growing Southern California music scene. Although he just started producing tracks a couple years ago, the So Cal native is quickly rising to the top of today's big newcomers. Unlike your typical minimal music, Harvard Bass's eclectic style hits harder and adds in some electro and groovy house. Its loud and it will make you dance. Harvard Bass is creatively bringing back the old minimal sound and making it his own.

The Ashton Shuffle - I Wanna See You(Harvard Bass remix)

If you liked the experimental sound of Tiga's Mind Dimension, you will like this one. Has a LOT more structure to it than Mind Dimension, but captures that same unique gritty sound.

Zombie Nation - Seas of Grease(Harvard Bass remix)

The Crookers have been in love with this production lately. It's a perfect example of how Harvard Bass spices up a song with his heavy minimal style. A+ drum work in this.


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