Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big update and the new "Classic Tune of the Week"

Been a few days since I last posted. I've been busy studying for a final, but now thats all over with. Tons of sets from Ultra Music Festival at WMC are starting to get posted all over the blogosphere. I must say Im rather disappointed I didnt go, cause some of these sets are amazing. The sets should be uploaded soon and I will get them on here ASAP. And I will be searching as many as I can to spot out new productions.

Furthermore, I've decided to start a classic tune of the week. The classic tune for this week is one I first heard at Nocturnal Wonderland 2003 in San Bernardino, California. Time sure does fly.

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Here is a big update with a bunch of songs, spanning a bunch of genres.

Exceeder revolutionized the sound of electro when Mason released it in 2004. Upcoming star Felguk brings it back to us with a funky rendition.

Bass maestro Miles Dyson layers Dutch Electro synths and drums on top of his heavy bass style.

Here is the best description of this song. Reward is Cheese meets Warp 1.9.

As J.P. would say, "You'd like it if you had robot ears." Hard hitter with warped out robot vocals.

A little more progressive than what I usually listen to but I'm feeling this one.


Oh, the days of BT. This song still gives me chills when I listen to it. A beautiful symphony that takes me back. This is the original album version of this song. Wow, this really brings back memories.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Free the Robots - Fusing hip-hop with grimy electro

Time to change things up a bit. Free the Robots' productions are some of the grimiest, warped out, heavy hitting hip-hop beats I've heard in a while with some filthy electro synths. The beats are mesmerizing and have some trippy psychedelic synths on top of them. Reminds me of a harder hitting, grimier version of the music from Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz compilations from some years back. Free the Robots 2nd full length album, Ctrl Alt Delete, will be dropping at the end of this month so check it out. Here are some of the songs you can look forward to.

1. Free The Robots - Orion's Belt Buckle

Heavy, wobbly bass with a ridiculous synth. All the dubsteppers out there will like this one.

More of a chill-out vibe with a heart thumping bass

Very psychedelic song. No idea where these synths came from... but keep it coming. Sounds almost like chopped up Atari sounds


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PHONAT - Electronic music's new Mozart?

After posting Phonat's music video yesterday, I had to go searching for one of his sets. What I found absolutely blew me away.

Phonat's style spans across all genres of electronic music. Whether its Indie, House, Downtempo, or Drum n Bass, this guy knows how to do it right. He is able to blend together rhythmic electro pop synths with some serious bass riffs. Its rather difficult for Phonat's music to be defined by a single style of electronic music. Phonat has a true appreciation of the interconnection between all styles of dance music. With his clear musical talent, he is able to share this appreciation thru his songs. The more and more I listen to his music, the more I realize how much of a musical genius he is. His self-titled album is ridiculous and is a MUST download for anyone who appreciates any form of EDM. Phonat is redefining electronic music as we speak. He is, in my opinion, one of the leading pioneers in electronic music these days and will continue to shake up EDM in the coming years.

Phonat & 5eya Live DJ set at Milk Club, Italy, January 2010

The set I posted is a perfect example of his musical taste. It starts off smooth with some downtempo, starts hitting harder, and ends with some monstrous D n B. I'm working on getting a track list for the set. Every song fits so well together, the mixing is flawless, and the energy just keeps building. There are track from some of my favorites (Deadmau5, Dada Life, Wolfgang Gartner.. and so many more) as well as all of Phonat's big hits.

**** Check out the Busta Rhymes remix at the 1 hr, 1 min and 45 sec mark. WOOOOOOW! WHAT A TUUUUNNNEEE!!!

This song is the definition of what Phonat is all about. To quote an article I read about this song, it is "the Bohemian Rhapsody of today's acid generation." I couldnt agree more with this statement. Learn to Recycle is Phonat's musical creativity at work. Much like his entire set, this single song starts with some groovy down tempo, switches up to house, and finishes off with drum n bass, all while hitting us with Phonat's fresh electro synths. To add to the songs uniqueness, Phonat uses the same synths and samples throughout the song. He is literally "recycling" his sounds throughout the song, showing us once again the interconnectedness of all styles of electronic music.

For those of you that loved the music video for Love Hits the Fan that I posted yesterday, you will definitely love this one. Once again, Phonat delivers awesomeness with Set Me Free and just like the Love Hits the Fan music video, this one will definitely give you a raging eyegasm.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WMC - Party in the city where the heat is on!!!

This is the big week the electronic music world waits for every year. All the world's top DJs/producers all converge to Miami for the Winter Music Conference. Name any electro artist, and I'm sure you'll see them making an appearance somewhere in Miami this week. This is the place where all the new music is first premiered. Once WMC ends, the EDM world is flooded with new songs from every style. Since I wont be in Miami once again this year (WMC is on my bucket list) I am going to be desperately searching to find all the new music. Check back frequently for the next two week as I will be posting up all the big hits that are dropped in Miami.

Here are some songs to start the festivities!

1. Paul Ahi - South Beach (Fukkk Offf Remix)

Take one part Will Smith and one part Fukkk Offf's Indie awesomeness and this is what you get. If you are in Miami this week, Im sure you're going to be hearing a lot of this song. WMC 2010 Anthem? I think so.

I've been following Phonat since his recent debut album. You should check out his entire album. Love Hits the Fan has a nice groovy feel. And the music video will give you a visual eyegasm.

Soothing vocals meets kick ass drums meets bwoops. The perfect definition of the new Dutch Electro House movement.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time to start a PANCE PARTY!!!!

If you havent heard about this trio of crazy guys from San Francisco yet then you sure havent been listening to good music lately. I've been following Pance Party from their very beginnings. One of the members of Pance Party and I lived together in Santa Barbara while we were in college. It was there I first introduced him to the world of electronic music, and with that, he found his own love for it.

A coupple years later... Pance Party is born. Their latest EP, Kim Jong Thrill, was released last month under Miles Dysons record label, Plasmapool. The response to the EP was phenomenal, landing all 4 songs withing the TOP 10 DOWNLOADS on Beatport.com for electro house and Indie dance/Nu Disco. Their songs have been getting play from DJs like Benny Benassi and was even featured on BBC's Radio 1. I could not be more excited for their success, and can't wait to hear more from them.

Here are the 4 songs from the Kim Jong Thrill EP

1. Pance Party - Kim Jong Thrill

The true masterpiece of the EP. Kim Jong thrill reached #4 on on the electro house downloads chart on beatport. An amazing blend of uplifting beats and filthy bass riffs. A MUST HAVE for any electro fan.

2. Pance Party - Fun Factory

For those of you out there who love the new Indie Dance scene, lead by artists such as the Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Boys Noize..etc.., you will love Fun Factory. A delicious hard hitter.

And now for a softer side of Pance Party (who knew they had one?). Maru has a dirty bass with this funky synth that will make you want to groove out. Simi slows things down for us a bit and is an amazing chill out song. Reminds me of some of Pryda's music... smooth and sexy


Thursday, March 18, 2010

The duo does it again!

With the success of their first songs, Waves and Death Suite, Erol Alkan and Boys Noize are back with a new EP. The collaboration between electronic music's biggest names at the moment brings together each of their unique styles. Avalanche/Lemonade is an amazing follow-up to their first productions and leaves you wanting more from these two. I can see this collaboration going a long way!

Avalanche has a lot more of a techno feel to it. The more I hear it, the more its growing on me.

Lemonade is definitely a song you will be hearing on the dance floor soon. Lemonade delivers all the good ol' Boys Noize "noizes" we have all fallen in love with. A++!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Return of a CLASSIC!

Just when you thought you would never hear Satisfaction again, Dada Life comes along and resurrects Benny's iconic classic from its grave. The song has many elements from the original with the addition of Dada Life's unique synths. Look out for Dada Life in the coming year. Their productions are some of the best ones around right now.

Here is another Dada Life remix. The thing I love about Dada Life is their ability to infuse melodic progressive elements so well with hard hitting electro. This remix of Damascus is a perfect example.

And speaking of Dada Life... I heard this one the other day and was shocked. Listen to the second half of this Tiesto remix and tell me it doesn't scream Warp 1.9. What a poser! Come on Tiesto, haven't you been one of the top 3 DJs in the world for the last 10 years or so. But I can't hate on him TOO much. I mean.. the guy spun at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I do appreciate the song though. It is pretty banging (as long as you forget Tiesto made it).

Hey Tiesto, keep taking notes on what the Bloody Beetroots are doing. Clearly thats where the scene is at right now.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Wobbly heavy hitter and something new from someone old!

Couldnt wait till tomorrow to update you on some new songs I found today

After a long hiatus, Boris Dlugosch is back and delivers a dirty remix of Sweet Light from one of my favorites, Boys Noize. Get ready to hear a song filled with bwooops and bweeeps (synths) with a nice wobbly bass.

Long time producer Junkie XL takes a stab at newcomers, the Crookers. In my opinion, this remix blows the original out of the water. The electric guitar give this one a "Rockin" seal of approval.



New production from a collaboration between DJ Troublemaker and Benji Madden (yes... the guy from Good Charlotte) This song has a nice Daft Punk funk to it. Very impressive. To make things better, the music video is awesome.

A monster electro banger. Brings in some nice horn synths before dropping a filthy bass line. Warning: May cause eardrums to burst

This song is for the House-Heads out there. DJ Bam Bam is one of the first few DJs I listened to back in the day, and he has been coming back with a vengeance. Here he makes creative use of chopped up vocals with a brutal bass. Make sure you beat the beat back on this one... cause it will beat you down if you dont.

There is a lot more to come. The more people that follow the blog, the more often I will be updating it. Enjoy and stay tuned

Rowdy Rod