Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PHONAT - Electronic music's new Mozart?

After posting Phonat's music video yesterday, I had to go searching for one of his sets. What I found absolutely blew me away.

Phonat's style spans across all genres of electronic music. Whether its Indie, House, Downtempo, or Drum n Bass, this guy knows how to do it right. He is able to blend together rhythmic electro pop synths with some serious bass riffs. Its rather difficult for Phonat's music to be defined by a single style of electronic music. Phonat has a true appreciation of the interconnection between all styles of dance music. With his clear musical talent, he is able to share this appreciation thru his songs. The more and more I listen to his music, the more I realize how much of a musical genius he is. His self-titled album is ridiculous and is a MUST download for anyone who appreciates any form of EDM. Phonat is redefining electronic music as we speak. He is, in my opinion, one of the leading pioneers in electronic music these days and will continue to shake up EDM in the coming years.

Phonat & 5eya Live DJ set at Milk Club, Italy, January 2010

The set I posted is a perfect example of his musical taste. It starts off smooth with some downtempo, starts hitting harder, and ends with some monstrous D n B. I'm working on getting a track list for the set. Every song fits so well together, the mixing is flawless, and the energy just keeps building. There are track from some of my favorites (Deadmau5, Dada Life, Wolfgang Gartner.. and so many more) as well as all of Phonat's big hits.

**** Check out the Busta Rhymes remix at the 1 hr, 1 min and 45 sec mark. WOOOOOOW! WHAT A TUUUUNNNEEE!!!

This song is the definition of what Phonat is all about. To quote an article I read about this song, it is "the Bohemian Rhapsody of today's acid generation." I couldnt agree more with this statement. Learn to Recycle is Phonat's musical creativity at work. Much like his entire set, this single song starts with some groovy down tempo, switches up to house, and finishes off with drum n bass, all while hitting us with Phonat's fresh electro synths. To add to the songs uniqueness, Phonat uses the same synths and samples throughout the song. He is literally "recycling" his sounds throughout the song, showing us once again the interconnectedness of all styles of electronic music.

For those of you that loved the music video for Love Hits the Fan that I posted yesterday, you will definitely love this one. Once again, Phonat delivers awesomeness with Set Me Free and just like the Love Hits the Fan music video, this one will definitely give you a raging eyegasm.



  1. any luck with that tracklist? i need to know what track is playing from 33 min :)

  2. track at 33 min is... I'm not your toy (data remix) - la roux