Monday, April 5, 2010

CYBERPUNKERS - Punkers can love electro too!

Their name tells you exactly the type of music you can expect with these guys. Much like Stevie Aoki and the Bloody Beetroots, Cyberpunkers blend together electro beats with punk elements to produce some hard rocking electro craziness. Not to mention, they are also a duo hidden behind some masks(I'm guessing they like paintball). Regardless of the fact that they are another act covering up their faces (its getting old), Cyberpunkers put out some serious head bobbing music. Their new EP, I Needed to Go, is sick and is sure to please any Electro-Rock-Punk-Indie-Dance (or whatever Beatport is calling it these days)fan out their. Starting with this post, I think I'll be referring to this style as electro-punk.


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