Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tunes from WMC!

WMC included an eclectic group of artists, all throwing down the newest jams. It was HUGE this year, with Ultra Music Festival selling out for both days and bringing in over 100,000 people on Saturday alone. There was a tribute show for the late DJ AM earlier in the week and Lil Jon even decided to DJ. With the rising popularity of the new Dutch house craze, the big rookie making a lot of buzz at Miami this year was Afrojack. And to close out the festivities, the Swedish House Mafia threw a crazy party (as always). Stay tuned for more WMC updates!

Below are some of the songs from WMC getting a lot of hype. (sorry, they arent the best quality... but these songs are brand new and havent even been released) Hope you enjoy.

Time after time, the Swedish House Mafia release mega tracks. They debuted their newest track (which still has no official name) at WMC last week and it turned out to be a definite crowd pleasure. See for yourself ^

How could you ever go wrong with samples from Scarface? What better connection with Miami than Tony Montana. This Cube Boy's song is in the running for the WMC 2010 anthem

DLGs has brought us some hard bangers recently, but this upcoming release is very melodic and has a nice tranquil feel to it.


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