Saturday, April 10, 2010

NEW MUSIC! From Electro House to Breakbeat!

Sorry for taking so long for a new update. There are a couple things I wanted to share with you guys before we get into the music.

1. Dont forget to follow me if you are on Twitter. The link to add me is at the top of the bar on the left. I'm in the process of also finishing up a logo, at which time I will also make a facebook fan group for people to follow Electronic Eargasm on facebook also. Facebook and Twitter are the best ways for me to let you guys know when there are new updates.

2. I would really appreciate feedback from everyone on what they think about the site, songs, and writings. Use the star ratings to let me know how you guys rate each post. Also, comments would be an awesome way for me to find out what you guys are thinking.

With that said, lets move on to some songs. Here are a bunch of different tracks from a variety of styles that I have come across the last few days.

1. Hey Today! - Toasted

This song from Hey Today! reminds me a lot of Boys Noize's fast paced, electro-techno-rock. Hey Today!'s newest album is sure to please any electro punk lovers out there.
BUSY P WHAT THE FUCK!!! The Ed Banger Record Label head is back with his signature French electro style. His remix of Talk to Me combines Techno, Electro, and Breakbeat elements.

3. Hervé - Zombies

Fidget House mastermind Herve returns with another hit. However, he strays away a little from his fidget style with this song. It has a heavy bass line that has a Fake Blood feel to it. Check out his new mix album, Ghetto Bass 2.

One of my favorite tracks from last year was Electrixx's take on our favorite old school video game, Tetris. Electrixx puts out this banging electro house hit that features the same flavors used in their Tetris production.

Known mainly for their DnB productions, Noisia delivers a hard hitting breakbeat song with some psychedelic synths that are sure to wake you up.


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